Tranquil  Morning Farm

  Heritage and Rare Breed Sheep

2016/17  CSA

The purchase a CSA share in our fiber farm, please use the contact form or mailto:[email protected].
We accept credit cards and paypal.
Why purchase a share in our fiber farm?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  By purchasing a share in our farm, you help to preserve the heritage breeds we are raising.  Our most important preservation project is the Santa Cruz Island Sheep, which is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Conservancy.  There are approximately 200 Santa Cruz Island Sheep left.  We are putting a lot of effort into building a strong flock to increase numbers, diversify bloodlines and promote this endangered breed.  Your purchase helps us to preserve and promote the Santa Cruz Island Sheep as well as our other heritage and rare breeds of sheep.   At the same time your purchase gives you the opportunity to enjoy spinning a nice variety of wool and fiber from the different breeds, some very rare, that we raise here on our farm!