Tranquil  Morning Farm

  Heritage and Rare Breed Sheep

2016 Lambs should start hitting the ground in February!

Lambs for sale:


2 - musket (light grey/brown) ram or wether (registered if sold as ram)  $100/$75

black ram $150/$100

black ram with white spot on head (perfect horns!)  This one is not available as a wether. $250  sold

2= moorit (dark brown) ram or wether.  SOLD

Natural Colored:

BFL/Churro/Tunis cross ewe lamb   SOLD

BFL./Churro yearling ewe $150

Tunis Cross Market Lambs

1 purebred tunis yearling wether available $150

Tunis/southdown cross ewe lamb $200

3 yr old purebred Tunis Ram $200

1 yr old crossbred ewe $150

Santa Cruz Island Lambs:

all lambs being retained this year

**Yearling Southdown Ram for sale, registered. $250

mailto:[email protected]  for more information.